The start of the school year is quickly approaching, and that means many students are heading off to college. With ever-changing technology, parents often feel unsure how to best equip their students on campus – both in the dorm and in the classroom.

Here are four technology tips for parents to help create a successful environment for fun and learning.  

1. Drown Out Distractions

It’s rare for college students to actually study in the library; dorm rooms and coffee shops often become their study zones. Unlike the quiet library, these spots can be distracting and noisy. Headphones like the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones can help buffer outside noise for immersive sound and study so that students stay stay focused no matter where they choose to study. And, a single charge can keep them motivated for up to 40 hours.

2. Avoid the “Freshman 15”

Without parents there to remind students to eat their vegetables, it is easy for college kids to lose track of a healthy lifestyle. Fitness trackers like Wear24 combine fashion and fitness, enabling students to stay ahead of the game. The Wear24 connects to your phone from anywhere, allowing students to make and receive calls if they’re out on a run. It’s also water-resistant so students won’t have to worry about sweating during a workout.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Valuables

Over half of college students confessed to stealing random items from their roommates, according to a survey of college students. While some stolen items might seem insignificant, living in an easily accessible dorm means everything in your student’s room is at risk. With security systems like Canary, students have the ability to keep an eye on their room even while they’re out. Canary adapts to the room over time and will alert you when something unusual happens. Your student will enjoy peace of mind when all is quiet and have the opportunity to react swiftly and efficiently when it's not.

4. Get Organized With a To-do List

Between classes, clubs, jobs and friends, creating and keeping track of a to-do list can be pretty time-consuming. Help your student adjust to the business with a helpful app like Todoist. Since it’s digital, students can add assignments, upcoming tests and meetings quickly and keep it with them at all times. Collaborate on group projects, set notifications and, most importantly, check off completed projects!