Hannah’s Heart is an interdenominational faith-based group for children of all ages and their parents. One Friday of each month Hannah’s Heart provides an activity with two things in mind: showing others God’s love and family fellowship.

“Hannah’s Heart shows kids they’re big enough for God to use right now, that they can serve as they are,” said Shanna Smith, a member of Second Baptist Church who runs Hannah's Heart with Erika New of Family Life Bible Church.

“This isn’t my church, it isn’t your church, it is just furthering God’s Kingdom. It’s a play date with a purpose,” said Erica.

Recently, Hannah’s Heart has hosted community cook-outs, a tour of local nursing homes to deliver Christmas cards, and a playtime at Play World Pizza. At 10:30 March 11, Hannah’s Heart will meet at Second Baptist Church (701 Polk St.) to Paint a Pot, Give a Pot, decorating flower pots to keep and to give as thank-you gifts to volunteers at Life Choices. April’s activity will be an outing to the Little Rock Zoo.

All Hannah’s Heart activities are free. Contact Shanna Smith at Smith0811@NetZero.com or Erika New at CutieNew@Yahoo.com for more information.