When Tiffany Matthews went to Rwanda last summer she didn’t anticipate the impact the war-torn country would have on her life and the lives of her husband and children.

“I went with very little expectation. It was an experience in relinquishing control; you had to be like water, going wherever you needed to go.” Matthews said.

Tiffany and her husband Jeff Matthews, co-host of The Morning Rush on B98.5 in Little Rock, and their three children have been attending New Life Church in Conway for almost two years. When the opportunity arose to go on a mission with members of the church, Tiffany recalls that “God provided everything for the trip. The timing, the funding, all of it. The country has been hurting, but they are so open to hear about Christ. Life is simple there; it brings back a reliance on God.”

The mission group took water purification systems to places where there never had been water safe enough to drink. While there, Tiffany and the other team members watched as some of the Rwandan children drank their first glasses of clean water.

When Tiffany returned home, her family caught her enthusiasm for the mission field and for Rwanda in particular. Six-year-old Mary Grace was impressed by “how the people got fresh water and the orphans got candy. I want to go to them. I want to help them and give them candy too.”

Jeff and Tiffany have made a commitment to raise their children in a house filled with God’s love and to teach their children ways to share that love with others. They plan on more family mission trips as the kids grow.