After all of the Christmas presents have been opened Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, that massive mountain of ripped wrapping paper is a little daunting.

Instead of trashing the used gift wrap-- repurpose. For the crafty and non-so-crafty people, here are a few creative ways to put it to good use, courtesy of

Decorative shipping stuffing: This works best with the double-patterned wrapping--with color on both sides--but it also looks great with regular wrapping paper. Save all your wrapping paper, even the most crinkled and ripped pieces and fold them up neatly for storage. Then, when you need some nice packing material, shred it all with a shredding machine and stuff your package.

Paper bows: Create a bow with shredded pieces of paper or thick-cut strips chopped up by scissors would work just as well. Gently bunch the strips together and dabbed them with tiny amounts of white glue. If you don't have the patience for that, a well-placed staple would work too. If you're using thicker strips, there is no need for glue-- just staple it together.

Cards: This is super easy-- you can either use the graphics of a piece wrapping paper for a simple cut or use plain paper to cut out (or tear) your own image. Simply paste piece on a solid-colored card and use for decoration in the home or give to someone special.

Paper beads: If you have a little extra time and want create something out of the ordinary with your used gift wrap, create paper beads. Check out the full tutorial here.

For more creative ideas, check out by clicking here.