In addition to various urban dwellings that encompass central Arkansas and the state, natural features like beautiful green grass, vibrant shrubbery, trees and flowers are a big part of the Little Rock and the state scene. After all, we are dubbed "The Natural State."

Get an up-close and personal look at the various elements that make downtown and the state a natural sanctuary by checking out these four Little Rock spots:

  • The Witt Stephens, Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center, 602 President Clinton Ave., is a hidden gem right on the main drag downtown. The center has everything from living habitat exhibits of the Ozark Plateau, Arkansas River and Delta Country to the common sounds of the area, including elk bugling, turkeys gobbling, and squirrels barking, accompanied by calls of whip-poor-wills and wood thrushes. 
  • Just down the road, walk through the Clinton Presidential Park Wetlands. More than 13 acres are explorable by pedestrian walkways, an elevated walkway and two bridges offering views of the Arkansas River, the channel streams and habitats. This is gorgeous!
  • Parks-- MacArthur Park, 9th and McAlmont Streets, and Julius Breckling Riverfront Park, LaHarpe Boulevard, are beautiful sites to see. MacArthur, the city's oldest municipal park, houses the Arkansas Arts Center and MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History and includes brick promenades, a pavilion, a boccie court and the scenic Contemplation Gardens. On those warm days this winter, this is a great place for a stroll, picnic or a mid-afternoon break! Right on the Arkansas River, Riverfront Park stretches 11 blocks and has more than 33 acres of beautiful parkland for visitors. In addition to a cool pavilion, the park features a playground, tons of picnic tables, the big amphitheater, quick access to the Junction Bridge and Arkansas Trail, not to mention incredible views of the river.