We've long passed the point where the extent of two lovers' correspondence existed only in a note passed at school. With everything from texting to social media to good old-fashioned email, there are many more ways after hours your kid can fall in love – and can get hurt.

Some of the "goings-with" are part of the whole experience one has growing up. In some cases, it's better for the parent to take a step back and let the drama work itself out. But when is it appropriate for Mom or Dad to step in? Here are seven signs you can scan from the object of your budding romantic's affection that may show signs of an abusive relationship:

1.    Wanting to get serious quickly and refusing to take NO for an answer
2.    Acting jealous and possessive and wanting to pick partner’s friends and activities
3.    Being controlling and bossy or making all decisions and not taking others’ opinions seriously
4.    Always checking up on partner through texting, social media and in person
5.    Using threats and put-downs when alone or with friends
6.    Using guilt trips like “If you really loved me you would _____.”
7.    Blaming the victim for what is wrong by saying things like “It’s because of you that I get so mad.”

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