A new feature is coming to the Museum of Discovery this summer and it is sure to shock and amaze. In fact, the tesla coil that will debut at the museum on July 4 can produce 250,000 volts of electricity!

Built by Goodchild Engineering in Arizona, the device will share the Guinness Record for the world's largest bi-polar tesla coil. The other record-holding device is housed at the Hands On Regional Museum in Tennessee.

The impressive coil creates high-voltage electricity that visitors can actually see--even more impressive, the coil at the Museum of Discovery will emit electrical discharges to a variety of songs. The tesla coil is named after the inventor Nikola Tesla, who developed the alternating current system of electricity that we use today.

The new Tesla Coil Theater in the museum's Discovery Hall will house the device, which will remain as a permanent attraction. Visitors can experience the theater show for an additional $2 fee. For more info, visit MuseumOfDiscovery.org.