Get ready — the dinosaurs are out of extinction and they're heading toward Little Rock!

Jurassic Quest Return of the Dinosaurs is an interactive experience that takes visitors through time from the Middle Triassic to the Late Cretaceous Era with the help of more than 80 life-size, museum quality and animatronic dinosaurs. Interact with huge creatures and baby dinosaurs, learn about them and even ride a few!

Beyond the exhibit, young paleontologists can get lots of experience seeing, touching, riding, and digging up their favorite dinosaurs.

There are huge T-Rex and Triceratops fossil digs where young paleontologists can uncover dinosaurs bones, a “Dino Bounce” area with several, towering, dinosaur-themed inflatable mazes, face painting, crafts and more! Check out details on all of the attractions right here, including science stations, a bungee pull and baby dinos.

Tickets for the event at the Statehouse Convention Center range from $20-$36 and are available here or at the door. For more information, visit the Jurassic Quest Facebook page or website