Your house has been invaded! Look out, the kids are out of school. That means they will be lazing about the house complaining of boredom or being mischievous with friends. Families that are looking to stay occupied this summer, look no further! We found some activities, projects and boredom busters on Pinterest to combat summer sluggishness.

1. How to Make Giant Soap Bubbles

This video teaches parents how to stir up a good time for kids. The ingredients are simple and the whole process clocks in at under 10 minutes. But the mixture works best if it sits for about 24 hours. So it may be best to make up a batch of bubbles the day before you plan to use them. eHow even provides a video to show you how to make them!

2. 25 Birthday Bash Games

The summer months are the most popular birthday months. September is the most common birthday month and July is a close second, according to the CDC. That means that a lot of parents will plan a birthday party this summer. Whether it's a life-size Angry Birds game, obstacle course or sponge water bombs, there should be something for all kids in this nifty list.

3. Kool Aid Rock Candy

This activity doubles as a science experiment and a way to make a fun treat. It's about a week-long process, so kids can check in on the progress each day to see their crystals grow! These treats are little more than sugar, so the ingredient list is short. But you should keep the portions small, too!

4. Summer Science for Kids

Anytime you can incorporate learning into play, it's a plus. These 30 experiments are easy to do at home and are sure to keep their attention. One of the experiments takes white flowers and food coloring to change the color of the petals. Of course, chalk rockets are a fun sight. They use alka seltzer to achieve liftoff!

5. Nature Science Summer Camp at Home

If you want to send kids to camp, check out our guide. But you may want to set one up at home, too. This day-by-day guide gives parents a template of activities to fill out a whole week. Since it's a nature camp, kids can get outside and enjoy the weather while they learn a little science.

6. DIY Toy Campfire

This fire made from paper towel roll and construction paper can create the ambience of an outdoor excursion in you own home. Set up the tent to make it even more enjoyable and combine with the camping ideas from our picks to really make your house feel like camp.