Follow along with 106.7 The Ride's Amber Glaze, her fiancé, actor and comedian Jason Thompson, and their 8-month-old son, Jade, to get a glimpse inside their everyday life.

6 a.m.

Amber Glaze is most well-known for her role as the hilarious co-host of "Hot Mess in the Morning" on 106.7 The Ride, alongside Luke Kelly. She's connected with listeners by sharing comedic, personal and meaningful anecdotes no matter what she's working through at the given moment — whether it's a new-mom meltdown or a struggle with a broken air conditioning unit.

11 a.m.

Name a color and Amber's hair has probably rocked it. She gets her bright locks styled at The Local Hair Shop in downtown Little Rock.

12 p.m.

With her early work schedule, Amber, Jason and their pup Max often get to enjoy the afternoon together. One of their favorite lunch spots is Cantina Cinco de Mayo.

3 p.m.

Jason acts in commercials, so his schedule varies depending on what gigs he's landed. One of his hobbies during his free time is to work on motorcycles.

6 p.m.

With her early morning show, Amber isn't always home when Jade is waking up, but she loves being there for bathtime in the evening.

8 p.m.

On Tuesday nights, Amber and Jason can usually be found at The Joint in Argenta, where they both perform their own stand-up comedy. "Bids start at $100!" she joked in a recent routine, holding Jade up for the audience.

9 p.m.

Lights tend to go out a little earlier at the Glaze-Thompson household since Amber's shift at the radio station starts before the sun is up each morning. Oftentimes, the family likes to wrap up the evening with a bedtime story for Jade.