Morgan and Carson Peeples

Ashley Peeples, creative director and founder of Beige, gets to work inside the world of fashion everyday. She’s especially immersed in the latest styles when she travels to New York City for Market more than half a dozen times each year selecting the items she wants to sell at her boutique in The Heights.

Here’s what the creative and style-savvy mom of Morgan, 9, and Carson, 6, has to say about fashion, athleisure and what makes her feel put together.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

Anytime I feel like I’m not inspired to get dressed in the morning, I’ll either look at some of my bloggers on Instagram or I’ll look at Pinterest. I always keep a few Pinterest boards with outfit ideas for a rainy day.

What are your tips for putting together an outfit?

I think it’s good for every woman to have her core basics — a good blazer, a little black dress, things that she can mix and match. A pair of jeans you feel great in, a pair of trousers for work or after work events and then, if you want to add some funky items — I always add those in as accessories — a statement earring or during the day if you want to add a chunky tortoise sunglass or something fun that’s an easy way to do that without it being too trendy.

What’s your go-to outfit?

My go-to look now that fall is approaching, which is my favorite season, is definitely my favorite jeans, and I always have a pair of go-to ankle boots that I’ll wear with everything. Then just throw a turtleneck and a leather jacket on or a chunky sweater.

Ashley Peeples and daughter Morgan, 9, and son Carson, 6.

What advice would you give to the mom who says she doesn’t have time to get ready?

I definitely don’t have the luxury of “getting dressed” every day. I keep basic black leggings in my closet for the morning when I just have to throw something on. I’ll put on lipstick and earrings and either a denim jacket or leather jacket and that makes me feel a little more put together. And thank goodness athleisure is in right now so that helps.

Where are you favorite places to shop for yourself?

I do buy a lot of things from my brands. When I go to New York for Market, I do a lot of my shopping. I go to Acne Studios for a lot of my pieces and then there’s a store in SoHo called Oak + Fort that I go to and it’s at a reasonable price point and it’s a good place to add in some quirkier pieces to your wardrobe.

Where are your favorite places to shop for your kids?

I’m not a huge fan of fast fashion for myself, but for children sometimes it just makes sense because they grow out of things so quickly. I always get them a few things from Zara each year. Carson, the only shoes he’ll wear is Vans. He’s been wearing them since he’s been wearing shoes and refuses to wear anything else.

What’s your favorite style trend right now?

I think fashion is really fun right now ... I’m a fan of a wider leg jean and the higher the waist the better for me. I love the sock boot. I think it’s flattering on all women.

Ashley's Closet Staples

Veda Jayne leather jacket from Beige; minimal slip dress from KES NYC

Veda Jayne leather jacket from Beige | Minimal slip dress from KES NYC

Vintage jeans from Crying Weasel Vintage; Loeffler Randall Isla slim ankle bootie from Beige.

Vintage jeans from Crying Weasel Vintage | Loeffler Randall Isla slim ankle bootie from Beige.

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