Mid-America Science Museum has transformed their new outdoor dinosaur exhibit into a prehistoric Christmas display! 

DinoTrek, which features 18 life-like dinsosaur replicas (some life size and some to scale), opened Memorial Day of this year and on Nov. 23 Hot Springs Mayor Pat McCabe led the first-ever lighting of Dino-Lites.

This year’s Dino-Lites includes contributions from local school groups, nonprofit organizations and businesses from the community of Hot Springs who each have an opportunity to win $500 for the best Dino-Lites display. Guests visiting the museum will have the opportunity to vote on their favorites and the winning team will be announced on Saturday, Dec. 29 at Mid-America Science Museum’s Noon Year’s Eve celebration.

DinoTrek and Dino-Lites is open during the museum’s general hours of operation, but visitors are encouraged to visit during evening hours until 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays in order to really appreciate the holiday lighting displays. The final everning of Dino-Lites will be Friday, Dec. 21.

Some of the dinos on display include a 16-foot Brachiosaurus, a 20-foot Pteranodon and a walking T-Rex. Speakers are located near each dinosaur so visitors can hear how these animals might have sounded when they roamed the Earth

For more information about these special holiday lights, visit the museum website or call 501-767-3461.