Learning to cook is one of the most fun and practical skills kids can master. Cooking teaches kids science concepts, fractions, the importance of attention to detail and more. Plus, it’s an incredibly rewarding process because after some work and patience, they’ll end up with a delicious dish or tasty treat.

So where do you start? Locations around Little Rock offer kids cooking classes and we’ve rounded up seven cool places that offer either regular classes or special camps perfect for your food-loving kids.

1. Kids Cook!

Kids Cook! bases its lessons on the ideas that kids will like food better if they make it themselves, and that anything they make themselves will be healthier than candy, soda and chips. In class, kids make everything from scratch in a hands-on environment. The classes and programs are open to kids as young as 8 years old and take place in a variety of locations, including Whole Foods Market, Wildwood Park for the Arts and Arkansas Children’s Hospital. KidsCookArkansas.com

2. Art Is In Cakes Bakery & Supply

If sweets are more your kids’ style, let them try cake and cookie decorating, bake macarons and make other sugary treats. For kids 8-11 years old, parents must purchase a $15 non-participatory adult seat so that they can accompany and assist the child in class. Kids 12 and older can participate in classes on their own. ArtIsInCakes.com

3. University of Arkansas — Pulaski Technical College

At UA-PTC, kids can try baking, cookie decorating and cook other delicious dishes. Classes are scattered throughout the year and mixed in with the more regular schedule of adult classes and during the summer, kids ages 10-17 can choose between culinary camp, baking camp or cake camp. UAPTC.edu

The Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Institute at Pulaski Technical College opened its 60,000-SF, .5 million facility in September, complete with culinary, baking and butchery labs. | (Photo by Jason Burt)

University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College boasts a huge, modern space for cooking classes and summer camps.

4. Clinton Presidential Center

The Clinton Center offers annual summer culinary camps for kids in grades three through 12. With four levels available, students can build on their skills each summer by learning proper culinary techniques, discussing nutrition and visiting local farms. The week-long camps end with a special reception to reveal culinary skills to family members and guests. ClintonFoundation.org

5. Eggshells Kitchen Company

Classes are offered from January through September at this shop in The Heights. The lineup changes each month and features guest instructors from various restaurants as well as Eggshells staff members. The kids classes are generally recommended for ages 7-10, but check the website for updated listings and pricing each month. EggshellsKitchenCompany.com

Eggshells Kitchen Company offers classes for both kids and adults and sells a wide variety of kitchen tools.

6. Bearden Productions Center for the Arts

The mission of the cooking classes at BPCA is to “educate and empower children to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods.” Kids can enroll at as young as 7 years old and learn how to read nutrition labels and work with fresh fruits and veggies. Older kids (through age 17) can take higher level classes where they’re divided into groups by age. BeardenProductions.com

7. Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library

The Children’s Library is home to its very own teaching kitchen, where kids and parents can learn about healthy foods and cooking together. Lil Kids in the Kitchen happens every Monday morning and parent or caregiver involvement is required. There are also seasonal and summer programs and every single class is completely free. CALS.org

A kitchen in the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children's Library provides space for kids to learn about healthy eating and try new foods.