After we received dozens of entries for our Santa Photo Contest, Little Rock Family picked out 20 adorable finalists (no easy task!). But the public had an even more difficult job: Choosing the winner!

We've tallied the votes and now we've got your top five pictures right here! Starting with our winner, Ethan! But we couldn't stop with just one.

In second place, sweet Emmy Kate and Santa captured the hearts of many voters.

Taking the bronze are Caleb and Santa having a grand old time.

In fourth place, it looks like Meryck and Santa are already best friends.

And rounding out our top five is sweet Cy, who isn't quite so sure about hanging out with Mr. Claus.

Thanks to all of our readers for entering the contest and voting. Be on the lookout for more photo contests and giveaways throughout the year from Little Rock Family.

Merry Christmas!