A birthday party can be the highlight of your child’s year! We love any excuse for friends and family to get together and celebrate, and there’s no better reason than for a child’s birthday.

But with a birthday comes the pressure of choosing the perfect theme. While some kids make it easy, others are so all over the place that you’re not sure where to start. Here are 25 easy theme ideas to get you thinking in party-planning mode.

Rainbow. The perfect excuse to use up your hodgepodge of colorful party decor.

Sweet Treats. Think “Land of the Sweets” style fun with all sorts of sugary delights.

Sports. Party games are especially easy!

School. Celebrate a birthday and prepare your child to head to school for the first time with decorations that will then be reused as real-life school supplies.

Christmas. Take out the seasonal decor and let them live out Christmas on their non-December birthday.

Pajamas. The most relaxing and chill birthday party you could imagine.

Breakfast. Theme the party around a meal and the food will be the focal point.

Art. Think crayons, play dough, and lots of white spaces where little guests can create.

Summer. Embrace the sunshine, cold treats and tropical decor.

Winter. Hot chocolate, snowflake crafts and arctic animals are the cozy keys.

Fall. Think pumpkins, overalls and all the beautiful colors of autumn.

Spring. Flower crowns and pretty pastels are delightful for a little girl.

Zoo. That stuffed animal collection is about to come in handy.

Culinary. Let each attendee be a master chef with DIY mini pizza and cupcakes to decorate.

Tea Party. It’s classic, charming and sweet.

Construction. Those toy trucks can hold cupcakes, decorate the table and of course be used for a game or two.

Legos. Build a cake plate and your decor with the blocks and have more set out for kids to play.

Princess. You can’t go wrong with this fairytale classic.

First Responders. If your little one is intrigued by police cars and firetrucks, it’s time to start the sirens.

Underwater. Make this girly with mermaids or focus on fish and sharks for a boy!

Pirates. Set up a “tattoo parlor” with temporary tattoos and a plank to walk.

Fiesta. Feliz cumpleaños! Take out the piñata and serve a nacho bar.

Camp. Set up tents in the backyard, gather round a campfire and play some good old fashioned camp games.

Glow in the Dark. Load up on glow sticks at the dollar store.

Luau. Break out the leis, enjoy coconut and pineapple treats and get ready to limbo.