Jacob, Micaiah, Emma, Rosie and Winn Slaton are seasoned pros when it comes to camping in Arkansas.

Home to 52 state parks, Arkansas earned its nickname for good reason. The Natural State offers countless hiking trails, campsites, lakes and more for kids and adults alike to explore.

And while an afternoon spent trekking up Pinnacle Mountain or canoeing around Lake Catherine is a great way to experience a taste of the outdoors, camping takes it to a whole new level.

Enjoying campfire cooking (did we mention s’mores?), curling up in a cozy sleeping bag and waking up to the sun peeking through the tent are just a few ways you’ll be making memories on a camping trip right here in Arkansas.

Before you get started, here are some quick tips from photographer, dad and avid Arkansas camper Jacob Slaton.

1. Don’t overpack! You honestly don’t need nearly the amount of clothes that you think you do. Warm and comfy is all that matters, and it’s OK to wear the same thing a couple days in a row.

2. Make sure you have a way to wash hands and clean up a bit, especially for kids. We use a collapsible water jug with a spigot for when we don’t have running water in the camper.

3. Bring walkie talkies! The kids love them and the good ones are surprisingly inexpensive. We give one to each kid and keep one at the campsite so we can listen in on their conversations while they run around exploring. Teach them some radio lingo and they will have a blast just chatting.

4. A good two-burner camp stove is crucial. Ours is the Everest model by Camp Chef, which just recently replaced my 20-year-old Coleman that I used in high school.

In the following links, you’ll find cool gear, camping recipes, safety tips and suggestions on great Arkansas State Parks to camp at.

Happy trails!