Summer means travel, and traveling often means spending a lot of time on the road. Don’t let road trip burnout happen to you! Here are 25 ways to keep your kids entertained the next time you're in the car.

1. Audiobooks
The library is a treasure trove and you can find a wide variety of genres.

2. Bingo
DIY bingo cards based on where you’re heading. Are you looking for snow-capped mountains or alligator crossing signs?

3. Alphabet Game
Look for each letter of the alphabet on signs, trucks and buildings.

4. Sing Along
Blast the tunes and let kids sing their hearts out.

5. Movies
You can’t go wrong with a classic Disney flick on the fold-down screen.

6. Snacks
Buy in bulk to save money and pre-distribute the snacks into individual portions before the trip.

7. Coloring
Make sure to have an easily accessible place to store crayons where they won’t be spilled across the floor.

8. Interactive Books
Choose fun books with counting activities, touch-and-feel pages or other ways to engage readers.

9. Etch A Sketch
The cleanest way for kids to “draw.”

10. I Spy
“I spy with my little eye something beginning with … ”

11. Twenty Questions
Great for kids who are a little older and can do some (slightly) critical thinking.

12. Apps
Download mom-approved, educational apps onto an iPad or other device. Setting a limit on screen time is always a good idea!

13. Jokes
Let kids read through a joke book aloud or make up their own funnies.

14. Friendship Bracelets
Use a sturdy strip of cardboard and tie the string before leaving.

15. Surprise Bag
Keep any games or books hidden and kids will be more excited about each new activity.

16. Magnet Board
Use an inexpensive cookie sheet as a magnet play area.

17. Journal
Encourage kids to write (or doodle) about the trip.

18. License Plate States
Print a map of the U.S. for each passenger and have them mark off every state they see.

19. Wrapped Toys
Buy a new toy or trinket from the dollar store and wrap it up like a gift to add to the excitement.

20. Mad Libs
Buy an activity book full of them or print some out before leaving.

21. Paper Bag Puppets
Let them put on a show from the back seat.

22. Would You Rather
Kids come up with hilarious questions once they get the hang of the game.

23. Cereal Necklaces
String Cheerios on pipe cleaners for dual-purpose craft time and snack time.

24. Name That Tune
Listening to music can become a fun family game.

25. Telephone
Whisper a phrase from person to person and see what it turns into from beginning to end.