Pregnancy can take a toll on your body, energy and even your mind. And then, once your beautiful baby arrives, life only gets busier and more exhausting So how can you treat yourself?

Whether you have five minutes or a whole weekend with grandparents watching the kids, here are 25 ways mom can take at least a minute just to care for herself.

1. Exercise.
It may not be relaxing, but it’s one of the best things you can do to care for yourself.

2. Grocery Shop.
Do a special “just for mom” trip to stock up on healthy treats from Whole Foods.

3. Schedule Appointments.
Whether it’s a regular checkup or a counseling session, pencil yourself in.

4. Nap.
It’s much easier said than done, but sometimes sleep is more important than your to-do list.

5. Call a Friend.
There’s nothing like a good heart to heart with a bestie.

6. Unfollow.
If you follow influencers on social media who make you feel bad about yourself, it’s time to say “goodbye.”

7. Get Up Early.
Taking 15 minutes for yourself before anyone gets up in the morning can be an even bigger win.

8. Cry It Out.
Don’t keep your emotions balled up inside.

9. Grab Coffee.
Take a quick coffee date with a friend or spouse or treat yourself to time alone in the drive-thru line.

10. Declutter.
Sometimes removing unneeded objects from your life (or closet) can simultaneously remove stress.

11. Self Tan.
There’s nothing like a confidence boost from a fresh, glowing tan.

12. Say “No.”
It’s OK to turn down that play date invitation.

13. Order Takeout.
When having to make dinner is the cherry on top of a long day, it’s time to call for backup.

14. Buy a New Outfit.
Purchase clothing you feel confident in — and don’t worry about the number on the tag.

15. Have a Spa Day.
Maybe the most obvious way to “treat yourself,” but who doesn’t love a facial and a massage?

16. Turn on Your Music.
When you can’t handle the “Paw Patrol” theme song anymore, blast your tunes.

17. Ask for Help.
Friends and family mean it when they ask how they can help you — so take them up on it.

18. Hire a Maid.
A one-time house cleaning can take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

19. Take Turns.
Parenting isn’t a one-person job. Share responsibilities with your partner in every area.

20. Turn Off Notifications.
Don’t feel like you need to respond to messages instantly.

21. Try Mom’s Day Out.
A part-time daycare program can provide just enough of a break.

22. Take a Walk.
Light activity and being outdoors are a happy combination.

23. Order a Subscription.
A subscription box full of makeup or other goodies is a great monthly treat.

24. Set a Goal.
Give yourself a goal to work towards — such as finishing a book or running a 5K — and you’ll be motivated to work in that area.

25. Take it All In.
The cliche that time flies rings especially true in the realm of parenthood.

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