Dr. Emily Cheek is a pediatric dentist and new mom. She talks about her family, her job and her favorite Little Rock spots, including one on her wish list.

On Family

I’ve been married to my husband James since 2016, and we just had our first son last April. He is now 8 months old and keeps us very busy! We enjoy traveling and spending our summers at Lake Ouachita.

On Being a Pediatric Dentist

I love the everyday surprises that you get from working with kids. Even though I do the same procedures every day, the kids make it challenging and interesting as I try to connect with them individually and see what I can do to ease them into their appointments.

On Finding Balance

My husband helps me out immensely. Whenever I was in school, residency or even studying for board certification, he was always there to support me whether it was making dinner, giving me encouraging words or just being there to listen. We both have our parents in town too, and they help out quite a bit with impromptu babysitting or bringing over dinners.

Tips for Fellow New Moms

Gosh, every mom’s experience is different, but I would say try to find time for yourself — whether that’s exercising, shopping or just taking a long bath. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Parents and friends have been in your exact same spot and new moms need all the extra help they can get!

Favorite Recent Read

The book "Before We Were Yours" is a recent favorite. I read it as part of my book club. It’s based on a true story about five sisters that get separated from their father and are abducted to be placed in an orphanage to be sold to wealthy families. Sounds sad but it was a good read.

Favorite Piece of Jewelry

My gold $10 coin necklace is one of my most prized pieces I own. My grandmother gave it to me when I graduated undergrad at Hendrix College.

Favorite Local Date-Night Spot

Our day-to-day “date” spot is a trip to Chick-fil-A or grocery shopping. With that said, we like to class it up with a trip downtown to SoMa or Main Street that ends in a show at The Rep.

Favorite, Can’t-Live-Without Beauty Product

It’s not so much a beauty product, but I go through an unhealthy amount of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. It’s never more than an arm’s length away.

Favorite Local Family Hangout

Delicious Temptations on a weekend morning is a favorite given the fact that our son is the best behaved in the mornings, and we love breakfast food. With that said, when we were living in Richmond Virginia, we loved going to the farmers market every weekend. Come on Little Rock, we need a more centralized/easy-access farmers market! War Memorial Park?

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