Parents, I’m sure you're scrambling (or at least planning to scramble) to gather all the supplies you’ll need for your kid’s school Valentine’s Day party. So. many. cards. 

With kids, the holiday inevitably looks a little different than the just-us-two date opportunity of the pre-kid era. But pre- and post-kids Valentine’s Day celebrations do have one thing in common. As material and candy-fueled as the holiday can seem at times, at its heart, it’s all about love. 

And I always jump at the chance to teach my kids ways to share the love in their lives. 

Share the Love with Arkansas Children’s Hospital 

The Arkansas Children’s Registry for Good offers the perfect opportunity to do just that. When you purchase an item on the list this month, the supplies will go toward making Valentine’s Day activities that much more special and fun for the kids who happen to need in-patient care over the holiday. That’s a lovely way to share!  

It’s simple to loop your kids in on this one. Have them pick out a few items (maybe some of their favorites) from the registry. Take the opportunity to tell them how the supplies will be used, too. 

You can also drop off new and unused supplies in person. Use this form to schedule your delivery