Afternoons and evenings — especially after busy days — can feel lost in the shuffle. Opportunities for your kids to grow beyond school walls can feel buried under a mountain of to-dos. This collection of tips and expert interviews was designed to highlight meaningful moments in what can become a chaotic slice of the day.

Need homework help? I chatted with our 2020 Amazing Educators for their perspective. Need to motivate more movement? I got the scoop on family-friendly 5K training. I also took a deep dive into age-appropriate chores and went hunting for the best local meal services. The result, I hope, will help you navigate post-school hours armed with fresh encouragement and renewed purpose.

And, of course, all the activities! We’ve included a sneak peek into our 2020 after-school activities guide. The full list, combines the best of parent-sourcing and research to help you find the top opportunities our city has to offer when it comes to aftercare, tutoring, sports and beyond.

Enjoy your after-school moments,
Alexis Peters, Editor

2020 Ultimate All-School Guide