With a whole lot of staying at home, making the weekends feel … well … like a weekend can be challenging. We hope a few of our ideas will help you refresh and relax over the next couple of day! 

1. Share the love! 

On Friday, you can wear blue in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Learn more here

2. Order Take Out

We’ve put together a list of 16 family-friendly takeout options. Skip cooking and the mess while supporting your favorite local restaurants. 

3. Virtually Stay Connected with your Local Favorites 

For even more activities ideas, we’ve got a few other options (make that 105). 

4. Check out a New Campsite 

Take a trip to explore a new corner of the state. Camp Arkansas just released the first-ever comprehensive map of Arkansas campsites. Check it out here

5. Get Outside 

We asked an early childhood educator for ideas to get us outside and moving as a family, and we love her tips!