We asked our Little Rock Family social media community, our friends and our staff to share their favorite self-care tips. Mamas coming together to help and encourage each other is a beautiful thing. In fact, along with exercise and adequate sleep, having community and adult company are crucial to self-care. So reach out today!

Check in with your circle to ask how their self-care routine is going. And, if you haven’t already, join us at @LittleRockFamily on Facebook and @LRFamily on Instagram to continue the conversation.

Now, relax, pour a cup of coffee and check out our reader tips.

“I think disengaging from social media is important right now. Maybe I’ll take some time to journal to work through emotions.”  — Lauren

“Find an online workout class or program you can do from home — maybe before the kids wake up. The normalcy of working out first thing helps me feel grounded  to start my day.” — Kristin

“My go-to for me time is writing, playing music and hot barre! They rejuvenate me and make me a better wife and mother!” — @CityofHearts

“I’ve found that if I wake up just a few minutes before my kids, it makes all the difference. It allows me to have a few moments to myself to plan for the day — I don’t feel bitter toward my kids for stealing my last precious moments of sleep!” — Rachel

“Yoga is my go-to me time routine.” — Allie (@Allie_Oberson)

“I shoot for 15 minutes of quiet time in the morning, a workout right after I put the boys to bed and a book before my bedtime.” — Alexis, editor

“Reading and barre!” — Sara (@ItsSaraHurst)

“I love time to myself. Whether it’s taking a long shower with time to blow dry/do my hair while I listen to my daily Bible reading or a podcast or taking time to read a book. Sometimes I just take my coffee in the shower with me and stand there.” — Jessica

“Coffee and a stack of magazines send me to my happy place.” — Mandy, publisher (@mandyjrichardson)

Mom's Guide to Self-Care
Support Mental and Physical Health to Create Total Wellness

How to use our guide:  We collected tips and tricks for major subsections of self-care: mental health, movement, treats, sleep and mindfulness. Explore and be inspired by our guide to start or tweak your own self-care routine.

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