Connor Maurer
GPA: 4.39

Bryant School District

College attending:

University of Arkansas

College accepted to:

Arkansas State University


Arkansas Boys State state treasurer, student senate president, National Honor Society chapter president, AP National Scholar, University of Central Arkansas Model United Nations chair

Career goal:

I would like to start an accounting firm as well as another nonprofit organization that would offer financial planning to impoverished families that cannot afford a portfolio.

Favorite memory from high school:

My favorite high school memory is probably when our football team brought home the first state championship trophy to Bryant. The crowds for the games created a raucous atmosphere, the team made many highlight plays and the fact I got to be there for it all will be a memory of mine.

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life:

Mr. Heatherly challenged me as a student and that challenge would ultimately prove to push me to be my best academically. As my teacher and coach, Mr. Heatherly inspired me to make my time in high school as worthwhile as possible.

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