The coronavirus has thrown a wrench in our party plans, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our children’s birthdays. We simply have to be more creative. That’s where social distancing-approved parades come in. Here are a few tips to help you (and your guests) do it the “route” way:

  1. Keep it simple: You can never go wrong with DIY streamers, handmade posters, decorated plates, noise makers or even old-school tin cans. Have your family and friends decorate their cars, meet at a designated location and then parade by your home so your child can enjoy from the yard.

  2. Blow them away: Everyone loves balloons. Step it up a notch by creating or purchasing a custom front door garland for your child and guests to enjoy. You can even incorporate unique shapes, fresh foliage and flowers for Instagram-worthy photos all week long.

  1. Go for flower power: There’s no better way to brighten someone’s day than flowers. Provide your guests with fresh wholesale stems, available for curbside pickup at Tipton & Hurst, to decorate their golf carts, put in their bike baskets or simply pass out to parade onlookers from their cars. 

  1. Wrap it up: If your birthday “guests” live nearby, encourage them to decorate the hoods of their cars or golf carts with brightly colored wrapping paper and oversized bows for a new twist on traditional parade decorations.

Social distancing or not, a drive-by parade is an easy, unique and affordable way to show your loved ones you care. Have you celebrated your child’s birthday during COVID-19? We would love to see! Tag your photos with @tiptonhurst and @lrfamily. 

Chris Norwood, AIFD, is the vice president of Tipton & Hurst, the state’s leading florist since 1886 with five locations in central Arkansas.