While we may be getting back to "business as usual" not everyone is quite ready to dip their toes in the water, so to speak. If you are not quite ready to venture to your local salon just yet, check out these simple hacks for an at-home spa day. 

Set the mood: Taking time to pamper yourself is as important as ever to your self-care routine. Start by turning your bathroom into an oasis by streaming soothing sounds to your device. Next, light a candle or diffuse your favorite essential oil to create ambiance. Eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender candles by Ryan Porter are great for relaxation. You might also get a kick out of his sassy line of candle names which include "Yo, I Can't Adult Today".  

Treat your feet to an at-home pedicure: Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add your favorite bath salts. Soak for 30 minutes while listening to your favorite podcast. For an even more refreshment, add one cup of antiseptic mouthwash for super smooth skin. 

Soothe your hands: This $10 hand mask by Patchology is all the rage. These cozy mittens are formulated with coconut oil, macadamia oil, shea butter and rosehip oil to soothe dry hands and help lock in moisture. You'll notice a difference after just once use. 

Make a mask: Gather egg whites, yogurt and honey. Yes, these are all excellent ingredients for a scrumptious dessert, but they are also great alternatives for a DIY facial. Each of these staples are packed with antioxidants and nutrients for the skin. 

Egg white sheet mask: Crack open an egg. To separate egg white from the yolk, use an empty bottle of water to easily suction out the yolk and discard. Whip the egg white and use a clean makeup brush to apply a thin layer to your skin. Next, apply strips of toilet tissue to the skin to create a mask. Add another layer of egg whites. Repeat up to three layers of tissue with egg whites in between each layer. After 30 minutes, peel off the mask for a more radiant complexion.

Say goodbye to puffy eyes: For this at-home hack, you'll need coffee (to drink, of course, but also for this regime), vitamin E capsules oil and aloe vera gel. Mix equal parts (around a teaspoon of each) into a paste and apply to the under eye area. Leave on for about 10 minutes and rinse. 

Tip: Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, so if you don't have this supplement in capsule form, this oil is a great substitute.

TipCaffeine helps reduce inflammation. Cooled tea bags are also great for temporarily getting rid of dark circles and puffiness.

Stay calm and hydrate: If you are going to pamper yourself anyway, why not enjoy a refreshing beverage? Try an at-home mimosa with one part prosecco, one part orange juice with a splash of pineapple. Or if you care for something a bit healthier, then spa water is a great option. Any of your favorite fruits will work or try this simple recipe below and enjoy!

Spa Water

  • 6 cups chilled still spring or mineral water 

  • 12 thin slices cucumber 

  • 4 thin slices lemon 

  • 4 sprigs of fresh mint 

  • 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary

Tip: Slightly crush the fresh herbs for a burst of flavor before adding to your water.

Most of all, remember to relax. In the midst of taking care of the kids, the house and the dogs, it's important to remember to take time for yourself. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it.