If you’re not ready to dine-in, we’ve got your next takeout night covered! Check out this list for a few of our favorite local spot’s family-style meals. Before you order: Check their Facebook or site for the latest details and packages. Most packages feed at least four people, and the budget usually ranges between $40-$60. 

All Aboard 


  • Family packs: Order your pick of hand-breaded chicken or catfish, served with fries and hushpuppies.

  • Feeds: 4-6 or 8-10 

(501) 975-7401 | Facebook | Instagram

Big Orange 


  • Family packs: Choose a burger or tender pack. Family-style sides and salads are also available.  

  • Feeds: 4-6 

Midtown: (501) 379-8715 | Facebook | Instagram

West: (501) 821-1515 | Facebook | Instagram

Buenos Aires Grill & Cafe


  • Family packs: Choose from cream ravioli, fettucini, rossini cannelloni, grilled chicken and chicken milanesa, served with mixta salad and bread. 

  • Feeds:

(501) 904-2133 | Facebook | Instagram

Cafe Bossa Nova


  • Family packs: Take your pick of Brazilian-style baked brisket, shepherd’s pie, frango a caipira and vegan rice with black beans. 

  • Feeds: 4-6

(501) 614-6682 | Facebook | Instagram

Cathead’s Diner


  • Family packs: Build-Your-Own Family Meal with your choice of meat and sides. 

  • Feeds: 4

(501) 801-0843 | Facebook | Instagram



  • Family packs: Family-style dinner includes your choice of sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, Moo Goo Gai Pan, cashew chicken, kung pao chicken or pork, General Gau’s chicken, beef and broccoli, pepper steak, twice cooked pork and lo mein, served with rice, egg rolls and crab rangoon. 

  • Feeds: 4

Old Cantrell Road: (501) 916-9973

Chenal Pkwy: (501) 821-8000



  • Family packs: Choose between a pan of meatball lasagna, pasta bolognese, veal stuffed tortellini, bruschetta chicken, jumbo meatballs with pasta, cheese tortellini pesto, pasta marinara, pasta alfredo, pasta primavera and chicken parmesan.

  • Feeds: 8-10 

(501) 372-0238 | Facebook

Dizzy's Gypsy Bistro


  • Family packs: Choose between baked chicken, chicken spaghetti and mac & cheese casserole, served with salad. 

  • Feeds: 4

(501) 375-3500 | Facebook | Instagram



  • Family packs: Options include vegan or meat pot pie or shepherd’s pie.

  • Feeds: 3-4 

(501) 353-2489 | Facebook | Instagram

Gus’s Fried Chicken


  • Family pack: Their shareable meal includes eight pieces of bone-in chicken, six tenders with two sauces, a large macaroni and cheese, and a large coleslaw.

  • Feeds: 4-5 

(501) 372-2211 | Facebook

Layla’s Gyros & Pizzeria


  • Family pack: This family feast includes gyro meat and chicken, served with Greek salad, rice, hummus and pita bread.

  • Feeds: 4-6 


Rodney Parham: (501) 227-7272

HWY 10: (501) 868-8226

Lulu’s Seafood Kitchen


  • Family pack: Meal includes eight pieces fried/grilled catfish, four chicken tenders, served with hushpuppies, cajun fries and coleslaw.

  • Feeds:

(501) 663-2388

The Pantry


  • Family pack: Their main course menu changes every week, but all family packs come with a house salad, baguette and a dozen Pantry Cookies. Their Lasagna Family Pack is available every week. Please note, all Family Packs are limited quantity, they are happy to take pre-orders on those.

  • Feeds: 4-6

(501) 353-1875 | Facebook | Instagram

Petit & Keet


  • Family pack: Their BBQ Picnic meal includes quarter chicken, boudin sausage and 1/3 slab ribs, served with pulled pork coleslaw, baked beans, bbq sauce, white bread and choice of strawberry "shortcake" eclairs or chocolate layer cake. Date Night specials are also available.

  • Feeds: 4-5

(501) 319-7675 | Facebook | Instagram

South on Main


  • Family packs: Meals include chicken spaghetti with garlic toast, crispy catfish platter and proteins by the pound (brisket, smoked pork, jalapeno cheddar sausage). You can also order family-style sides including granny beans, potato salad, sauteed vegetables, mashed potatoes and mac & cheese. 

  • Feeds: meals feed 4, sides feed 2 

(501) 244-9660 | Facebook | Instagram

Star of India


  • Family packs: Order your choice of chana masala, saag paneer, chicken tikka masala, korma, lamb kofta, chicken garlic, chicken vindaloo, tufo kadhai, served samosa, rice, tamarind chutney and mint chutney. Some include mango ice cream. 

  • Feeds: 10-12 

(501) 227-9900 | Facebook | Instagram

Three Fold Noodles & Dumpling Co.


  • Family packs: 

    • Three Fold Spread: 12 dumplings, family-size noodles, your choice of protein, 1 family-size slaw, and 2 bags of taro chips or sesame balls

    • Dumpling Spread: 30 dumplings filled with your choice of up to two proteins, 1 family-size slaw, and 2 bags of taro chips or sesame balls

    • Noodle Spread: family-size noodles, your choice of protein, 1 family-size slaw, and 2 bags of taro chips or sesame balls

    • Tons of options add-ons are available, too.

  • Feeds: 4

(501) 372-1739 | Facebook | Instagram 



  • Family packs: Chicken or shrimp enchiladas meals are served with jalapeño cheese rice and black beans (all gluten-free). Chicken spaghetti or lasagna meals are served with house salad and rolls.

  • Feeds: 4 or 6 

(501) 221-3330 | Facebook | Instagram