Last week LRSD announced a schedule shift for in-person students through the rest of the semester. Starting October 7, all LRSD schools will dismiss students by midday on Wednesdays. The move will hopefully give teachers more planning time — let’s pause to give LRSD educators three cheers for working hard to deliver both in-person and virtual instruction — and for teachers to connect with virtual students more — cheers also go out to parents/at-home teacher’s aides.

The schedule shift will be reevaluated at the end of the semester. Flexibility is the name of the game in 2020. Parents, stay tuned for more changes as the district teams with parents and teachers to find the best solution for all LRSD students.

Here are the details of the shift:

When: Every Wednesday starting October 7 through the end of the semester.

  • Pre-K: Will proceed with normal dismissal
  • Elementary Schools: 12:15 dismissal
  • Middle and High Schools: 1:15 dismissal

Lunch: All students will have a lunch period before dismissal.

IEPs: Students that receive special education services on Wednesday afternoons will have their minutes made up at different times during the week to ensure all minutes are met.

CARE Programs: Will continue as normal, running from your school’s original dismissal time to pickup.

Late Pickup: If you can’t pick up your child at early dismissal, they may remain on campus. They will be monitored by onsite staff. NOTE: onsite staff does not refer to their classroom teacher.

Posted by Little Rock School District on Friday, October 2, 2020