Sarah Ware
GPA: 4.44

Episcopal Collegiate School

Colleges accepted to:

The University of Chicago, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University


Honor Council president, Episcopal Collegiate School Writing Center student director, National Honor Society chapter president, Arkansas Seal of Biliteracy in French and English, University of Pennsylvania Book Award recipient

Career goal:

Though I am unsure of the exact path that I will take, I hope to pursue a career in higher education (possibly as a classics or French professor) so that I may one day instill in students the same passion for learning that I carry in my heart and mind.

Favorite memory from high school:

During my first semester of senior year, my friends and I held a themed “Ratatouille” dinner and movie night. Starting in the early afternoon, we cooked traditional French dishes (including recipes I learned during my studies abroad). We sat down to eat dinner under the stars, and we finished the night by watching one of our favorite childhood films, “Ratatouille” about the love of food, flavor and friendship.

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life:

Mr. Urquhart has acted as a mentor and trusted advisor to me over the past several years in his roles as both my 11th grade English teacher and the faculty advisor to the Honor Council. As his student, I excitedly studied works by Thoreau and Emerson, and I have grown in my understanding of what it means to be a passionate, life-long learner. As Honor Council president, I have spent long hours discussing difficult cases with him, and with his guidance I have learned about the intricacies of justice and fairness in our increasingly complex society.

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