Every year, more than a million children will enter school with an undiagnosed developmental delay. 

Because children learn and grow at different rates, even the most attentive parents can miss some important milestones. The first five years of childhood development lay the foundation for a child’s overall success.

Easterseals Arkansas wants to ensure all children start kindergarten with the right skills to succeed alongside their peers. The organization aims to help parents to raise healthy and happy children by supporting children’s growth through early developmental milestones.

Easterseals Arkansas’ goal is to help children with disabilities reach for and realize their full potential. The Little Rock Developmental Preschool provides exceptional early childhood education and therapy services to children with special needs. The team of educators and therapists helps guide children each step of the way, through every milestone. 

Early intervention is one of the keys to success and the preschool is now enrolling for the 2018-19 school year! The program is year-round, with therapy services provided at different times during the day between educational activities.

Each child at Easterseals Arkansas has different needs, but through comprehensive therapy and education, children reach their individual developmental goals.

Play is how children learn and is an integral part of childhood development. A generous donation recently allowed improvements to the preschool playground. The renovations make the playground more accessible to children of all abilities and provide Easterseals therapists additional outdoor space to work with children.

Check out the video below to better understand your child's development and use the Easterseals online screning tool as the first step in understanding where your child is on the developmental growth track.