Mandy Osborne, founder and owner of Milk and Honey

With an eye for the perfect colors and a knack for creating comfy and stylish T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts and more, mom of three Mandy Osborne works from home to run her clothing company Milk and Honey.

On Family

The Osborne Family: Josh and Mandy with their sons, Noah, Silas and Sam.

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Josh, for almost 16 years and we have three boys: Noah, age 11; Sam, age 8; and Silas, age 5. Life with three busy boys is wild, exhausting and so much fun.

On Her Clothing Business, Milk and Honey

I love that creativity plays a role in every part of my job, from designing products, to styling photo shoots, to writing Instagram captions. Working from home can be a challenge, because it is difficult to balance work and family priorities when everything happens under the same roof.

One of my favorite products is the Eyes Above the Waves muscle tank. I love the design plus the meaning behind it.

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On Time Management

I’ve learned that our weeks go a lot better if I sit down on Sundays and go over the schedule for the week, plan out meals, and write a to-do list for each day. It rarely goes as planned, but it definitely helps to start each week with a blueprint.

Favorite Book As of Late

I was fascinated by Tara Westover’s “Educated.”

Favorite Local Eats

I can’t get enough of the noodles and dumplings at Three Fold!

Favorite Summer Getaway

The good old Redneck Riviera. My parents own a condo in the heart of Destin, so my crew is spoiled to get to spend a couple of weeks there every summer.

Favorite Nonprofit

Our family is passionate about Africa New Life. The impact they have on the lives of people in Rwanda is incredible, and I’ve had the privilege of seeing it firsthand on two different trips to the country. Milk and Honey supports their women’s vocational training program, and as a family we sponsor three children through ANL. I’m so excited to introduce more people in Little Rock to the organization through our inaugural gala event at the Clinton Center coming up in October!