Say “be vine” to this kid-friendly project. This easy Valentine’s Day craft makes a plantastic gift for the teachers, grandparents and friends in your life.


Check out these local spots to gather supplies.

• Succulents from Phantom Palm.

• Custom planter bowls from The Painted Pig Studio.

• Rocks + succulent potting soil from The Good Earth.

• Pink aquarium gravel from The Fish Tank.

• Cardstock from The Social Type


Kids will love getting their hands dirty as they help assemble these custom planters.

  1. Fill bottom of planter with small rocks to help water drain.
  2. Fill planter 3/4 full of succulent potting soil.
  3. Plant the succulent and gently fill the rest of the planter with soil.
  4. Top soil with pink aquarium gravel.
  5. Create your card with paper of your choice and use a wooden skewer to secure it.
Succulent Care Tips:

Follow these rules of (green) thumb to keep these cuties thriving.

Pick the Right Plants: Succulents that are mostly green will do the best indoors.

Water Correctly: Soak the soil when watering, then let it dry out completely before watering again. A tablespoon or two once a week should do it!

Place in the Sun: Try to put your plants by a sunny, south-facing window to best simulate their native habitat.