We asked, you answered! Thanks to our wonderful community, we curated some helpful tips to try with the reluctant brushers in your life. Parents, continue watching our social media platforms for another chance to share (and be featured) in upcoming issues!

Teamwork for the Win

“Take turns brushing each other’s teeth! Works like a charm each time with my little ones.” — Mandi Lin Shell

“Two toothbrushes. Little one brushes with one. I brush behind with the other one. So they feel like they are doing it.” — Jennifer RW

Creative Approaches

“Every little tooth needs its own hug from Mr. Toothbrush! We don't want anyone feeling sad and left out!” — Katie Padgett Dorton

“A dentist told my kiddo that he has to brush his teeth to keep the sugar bugs away so we almost make it into a game of catch the sugar bugs. Occasionally I’ll ask him to open so I can look for sugar bugs and say ‘ohhhhh, I think I see one over there. Get it!’” — Emily Fausett Davis

“We always talk about upcoming birthdays, whose birthdays are next and talk through our whole family. This always gets my kids minds off brushing and it gives us a good amount of time to brush!” — Candace Chandler

Electronic Connection

“There are tons of two minute videos on YouTube made for that. My grandkids love the opportunity to use electronics!” — Deborah Waychoff Ross

“My grandsons use an app on their mom's phone that will reveal a picture as they brush.” — Holly Young

Inspiring Songs

“We play a song of their choice. They have to brush the entire time (or until I notice 2 minutes has passed). They are so busy brushing/dancing they don’t notice the time... but we switch the areas during the song... front, bottom, right side, etc.” — Barbara Johnson

“I made up a song, to the tune of "Do You Know the Muffin Man" 'It is time to brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth. It is time to brush our teeth, so our breath won't stink' lol” — Deaseree Cole

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