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Our original theme for this issue was … drumroll … travel. As social distancing and actual travel bans became the norm mid-March, we decided to shift our focus away from activities that just aren’t safe right now. Don’t worry, we’re still going to dive into family-friendly traveling when the time is right.

Instead, as our families, our city, our state, our nation and our world began facing something unprecedented, our staff, as parents ourselves, felt the pull of a different topic. Our already planned mini features on mom’s mental health and self-care naturally presented themselves as full-issue-worthy topics.

So we shifted gears, and I hope that these topics are as helpful to fellow parents as they were to us. Through our Mother’s Day gift guide, our deep dive into mom’s mental health and our self-care quick tips, we challenge you to take just as good care of yourself as you do of your families.

Challenge accepted? I hope so!

Mom's Guide to Self-Care
Support Mental and Physical Health to Create Total Wellness

How to use our guide:  We collected tips and tricks for major subsections of self-care: mental health, movement, treats, sleep and mindfulness. Explore and be inspired by our guide to start or tweak your own self-care routine.

► Help for Moms in an Anxious World

► Mom Chat

► Keeping Mom Well: Gray Hair, Self-Care

► Treat Yourself with Me Time

► Make Time for Movement

► Take a Timeout, Make Time to Be Present

► 7 Tips for Naturally Good Sleep

► Mother's Day Gift Guide

Moms Share the Love!

Brittany with her daughter Annistyn, 1.

Andrea with her daughters Gwen, 3, and newborn Michah.

Jackie with her son Jackson, 6.

Maggie with her daughter Faith, 3.

Tamara and her daughter Skye-Marie, 5.