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Entrance Exam

We asked our cover model Anne Marie Coy, a senior at Mount. St. Mary Academy, a few questions about her college admissions journey.

What's been the most exciting part of your college search so far?
I love visiting colleges. I enjoy going on a tour, visiting the bookstore and getting to look at the classrooms and dorms. Because I started deciding on colleges my sophomore year, I was able to look at colleges before the pandemic started.

What's been the most stressful?
The most stressful part of my college search has been narrowing down the list of colleges I am applying to. I have toured many schools and loved almost all of them, but I have really had to think about what schools would be the best fit for me, and what schools offer the programs that are in my field of interest. Since I want to major in political science, I have been looking at the schools that offer programs that would prepare me for a career after college.

Has the pandemic changed how you've prepared for college?
The pandemic has definitely made me more aware of the college application timeline. I had to take my standardized tests later, but I was able to begin my applications during the summer since I couldn't to go out as much. I also have enjoyed online seminars from colleges. The online offerings have helped me be motivated even though the pandemic has canceled a lot of my plans.