Meet the team behind the gorgeous glamping setups from The Happy Glamper: Kevin, Katy, Eliza Rose and Emmerson Niehaus.

Katy Niehaus, the creative force and co-founder of The Happy Glamper, shares her best party planning tips and the key to quiet Saturday mornings (with kids!)

Tell us a little bit about your family.

On a typical Saturday morning, you will find Kevin and our little girls, Eliza Rose (5) and Emmerson (2), trying to quietly get ready to head out for donuts and their almost weekly visit to the Little Rock Zoo. He takes them so I can sleep in a little and be in our home alone, in silence, at least for a few hours — a very rare and coveted thing for a mom!

When they come bounding in the door late morning to see me and Eleanor, our 12-year-old black pug, I’ve usually been drinking coffee and trying to get in an episode of a Netflix show or reading a chapter of my newest book, both of which will take me eons to finish because this life stage has so few still moments.

What do you love about running The Happy Glamper?

Our services bring joy to our customers and help them make memories while enjoying the outdoors. Getting to see that reaction and hear about how much fun they have, is a real reward. Also, this project allows me to be creative and to see a finished product after each setup.

How do you balance family and work?

When kids are home with me, I try to be very present with them until they go to bed. If I have more work to do, I try to get it done when they are sleeping. Sometimes we even do setups or takedowns as a family. A little girl might have folded your pillowcases for your tent!

What’s your best party planning hack for parents?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make things cute. You can always use items you already have, pull from other areas of your home or use items from your yard to decorate.

What’s your favorite recent read?

David Sedaris’ “The Best of Me.” It is a collection of his best essays, most of which are so funny that you laugh till you cry.

What’s your favorite Little Rock neighborhood and why?

Lately I’ve enjoyed going to tent setups that are far west. There’s so much beauty and open land just on the outskirts of town with amazing views of Pinnacle Mountain and the river.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry you own and what’s the story behind it?

Besides my engagement ring, which I love because my husband had it made for me, I love my sapphire and diamond ring. I had it designed when my dad passed away as something to remember him by. I wanted a daily right hand ring that had a blue stone since he was known for his blue eyes. I also wanted it to be something that my children would remember me wearing. I will let them borrow it for their “something blue” at their weddings, and ultimately it will be gifted to them.