While self-care can feel like an oxymoron for busy parents, taking time to model taking time for yourself will help your kids learn to monitor their own self-care needs. And after a year like 2020, self-care should be on everyone’s priority list. Here’s a roundup of some major self-care needs and a few of our top tips to help you get more of it in your life. 


Encouraging — and getting — healthy sleep can boost everyone’s mood when it’s time to head out or login to school for the day. 

Here are seven tips for naturally good sleep for parents and five things parents can do to set their child up for good sleep, plus warning signs of common sleep problems. 


Bathtime is a great way to wind down for the night and teach kids to take pride in taking care of themselves. We love to find bath toys at Belle & Blush and The Green Corner Store here in town. 

Parents can also check out the new Bubbles & Joy subscription box to get the bathtime party started. Founded by former Little Rock residents and fellow parents, each box contains a mix of new premium toys and activities, as well as fizzy and foamy bath products (bubble bath, bath bombs, etc.).  


Thankfully, in a city like Little Rock, staying active as a family is easy. See our latest list of family-friendly hikes, sports programs and kid-centered workouts here. We also talked to fellow parents and local healthcare pros on how to think about exercise and get more of it in your life. Check out our feature here


We’re not just talking about cupcakes here. We’re talking about healthy ways to support new habits and add some good old-fashioned fun to your routine. Learn more about harnessing the power of treats here