A couple of new critters are moving in at the Little Rock Zoo! The zoo announced that their wild kingdom now includes a new gorilla and four new ostriches.

Kivu, the western lowland gorilla, arrived last week and will spend 30 days in quarantine before being introduced to the public. The 24-year-old male comes from the Santa Barbara Zoo where he was part of a bachelor troop of two. But in his new home, he'll be surrounding by females—the Little Rock Zoo’s all-female troop.

In a press release, Zoo Director Mike Blakely stated, “It’s our hope that Kivu will step in and lead the troop. In the wild silverbacks sire the young, guide the group to feeding and sleeping areas and protect them from threats. It’s our hope that Kivu will father baby gorillas to save this endangered species.”

Also new to the zoo are the four female ostriches. Though ostriches can't fly, they can reach speeds up to 43 miles per hour. Their powerful legs and dagger-like claws help defend them against predators like lions. The ostriches are on view next to Johari, the black rhino.

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