Congratulations to Dakota, the winner of our 2016 Cutest Baby Photo Contest!

After we received approximately 150 entries for our Cutest Baby Photo Contest, Little Rock Family picked out 50 adorable finalists (no easy task!). But the public had an even more difficult job: Choosing the winner!

We've tallied the votes and now we've got your top 10 babies right here! Starting with our winner, the precious Dakota! But we couldn't stop with just one.

In second place, sweet baby Dallas in her LBD onesie. 

And coming in at number three, adorable Arden with her photo that looks fit for a magazine spread. 

Scarlett and her almost-as-big-as-her backpack took home fourth place!

And in fifth, we have Collin, who we can already tell is going to be a heartthrob when he grows up!

In sixth place, baby Josalynn is eating cake the way we all wish we could.

And could seventh place Dayton get any cuter?! We can't handle that hat.

Rory's sweet smile helped her snag eighth place (and we kind of love those overalls, too!).

Faith is too cool for pictures in her summer shades and stripes.

And rounding out the top 10 is Dean, with the most beautiful eyes we think we've ever seen!

Thanks to all the parents out there who submitted a photo of your precious little one! And don't forget to look for the winning photos printed in the November 2016 issue of Little Rock Family.