The end of the school year for the class of 2020 has been unusal to say the least. But one thing hasn't changed: we still have a chance to celebrate the grads in our life. To help get your creative juices flowing, we've collected five gift ideas that put a new spin on the traditional graduation gift.

1. 'Open When..." Letters

Simple and heartfelt gifts are often the best and longest-lasting. Family and friends can create "Open When..." Letters for their graduates for any occasion — from "when they feel homesick" to "when they need a few extra bucks." 

2. Photo Blankets

Homesickness is a common any time recent grads aren't near home. One way to combat that is to make a collage for a photo blanket. Everytime your grad lays down, a piece of home will be with them.

3. Creative Ways to Give Money

Some kids just aren't into sentimental gifts, so keep it simple and get creative with cash. Many of these ideas involve folding the money into fun shapes or filling containers with cash. 

4. Memory Jar

You can give kids a homesickness cure in a jar! The concept is simple, just fill the memory jar with notes recounting some of your favorite stories. 

5. Survival Kits

You can get creative as you want with this one. Bonus points for being thoughtful with your grad's interests and favorite things. 

These ideas are just a jumping-off point! Remember: You can take something typical and make it special! 

Congratulations, Class of 2020!