A good way to catch Dad's eye is to make him something. When the kids, maybe with some help from mom, take the effort to create a gift, Dads are likely to hold on to it forever.

Pinterest is a gold mine of DIY ideas, so we whittled down a list of five.

1. Generational Father Photo Shoot

This one involves getting Dad and Grandpa involved. If you can get a great-grandpa in there too, even better. Give Dad a frame of one of your kiddo and snap a photo. Get that one developed and put it in the same frame. You can stage them in the same place and have them wear similar clothes to add to the effect.

2. DIY Bottle Opener

This can serve a dual purpose. You can get a thoughtful, handmade gift and also help keep Dad from being messy. With a cheap mountable bottle opener, a drill, some wood and some wood glue, you can make Dad a bottle opener that catches the bottle caps for him.

3. Pallet Drink Coaster

This DIY idea makes usue of popsicle sticks. So, bonus for getting to eat a bunch of popsicles. This is shown via YouTube video. These coasters even get a distressed look from stain!

4. Baseball Handprint Craft

Baseball season is in full swing. Whether Dad is a fan of America's pasttime, there's a little slugger in the family or both, this craft is like a rare signed ball. Instead of a signature, a kid's handprint covers the ball, capturing them at that age.

5. Handprint Craft for Fishing Enthusiasts

If Dad loves fishing, maybe this gift would mean the most. The video shows a handprint made to look like a fish about to swallow a hook on a cross section of tree. "Hooked on Dada" reads across the top. This craft also makes use of a kid's tiny hands to show the passage of time, because hopefully Dad will keep it forever.