School can be tough for all parties involved — students, teachers, administrators, parents, the list goes on.

But when you as a parent are supporting your child’s teacher, all the other pieces work more smoothly together.

Here are 25 things you can do as part of that effort:

1. Don’t always believe your child. Ask the teacher before making any decisions.
2. Encourage your kids to do their homework every day.
3. Ask kids questions at home about what they’re learning in class.
4. Ask your child’s teacher what you can do to help your child’s success. Every situation is different!
5. Show up! Whether it’s for negative or positive behavior in situations such as parent-teacher conferences or meet-the-teacher open houses.
6. Show your child that you are in partnership with your teacher.
7. Join the PTO. Let your child see that you are actively involved and engaged in their education.
8. Read and sign your kids’ report cards.
9. Join whatever platform your child’s teacher uses to communicate — ClassDojo, Remind, Classtag, etc.
10. Volunteer to help chaperone a field trip.
11. Make sure your student has the necessary supplies at the start of the year and throughout.
12. Don’t pull kids out of class for unnecessary reasons.
13. Write cards to say “thank you” periodically throughout the year.
14. Don’t blame the teacher for your child’s shortcomings or struggles.
15. Remember that teachers have lives outside of the classroom.
16. Stand up for teachers’ rights and stay politically aware and active in the education realm.
17. Go directly to the teacher if there is a problem rather than jumping to an administrator right off the bat.
18. Spend time in the classroom helping however the teacher asks you.
19. Set high expectations for your kids so that they work hard in class, making their teacher’s job easier.
20. Don’t gossip about classroom issues with other parents.
21. Don’t do your child’s homework for him or her — it will only result in them not grasping important concepts and make their teacher’s job harder.
22. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep so that they can be focused and attentive in class.
23. Don’t send your child to school sick! Germs will spread to classmates and the teacher.
24. Donate supplies for the classroom if you’re financially able.
25. Follow school policies about things like birthday treats.