Mardi Gras 2021 is February 16. Until then, you can enjoy one of the highlights of the season: King Cake! Although recipes abound, the cake is typically slightly sweet, pastry-inspired and baked in a circle or oval. Custom fillings, colorful icing and sprinkles are also often involved. 

To sweeten the experience, there’s a game to go with it. The tradition is simple, and it’s something that kids will love. Each cake has a small figure (usually a plastic baby) hidden in one of the pieces. 

Finding the figure has different significance in different circles. It can mean a year of good luck, the honor of being royalty for the day or the fun responsibility of buying the next King Cake. However you play, you’re eating cake. I’d call that good luck all around! 

**Safety Moment: Don’t worry, today’s bakeries will usually include the figure separately for customers to hide on their own. That way you can keep track of what your kids put in their mouths!** 

Where to Find King Cake in Central Arkansas

One more week to enjoy King Cake! Here are a few more places you can find this sweet treat.

Boulevard Bread Company

You can call to order or just pop in to indulge with Boulevard's delicious spin on this Mardi Gras classic. 

To order: Call 501-663-5951

Location: 1920 N. Grant St., Little Rock, AR

Dempsey Bakery

This year, you have options at Dempsey Bakery. You can grab a ready-made cake or pick up a King Cake kit you that you can bake and decorate at home.

To order: Call 501-375-2257

Location: 323 S. Cross St., Suite B, Little Rock

Community Bakery

This local favorite currently offers three varieties of King Cake. You can order by the slice or by the cake while supplies last!  


  • Cream cheese 

  • Praline pecan 

  • Raspberry 

To order: Connect with Community Bakery on Facebook or Instagram or call 501-375-6418. 

Locations: Downtown | 1200 Main Street, Little Rock; West Little Rock | 270 South Shackleford Road, Little Rock

Blue Cake Company

The Blue Cake Company’s King Cake offers 2 pounds(!) of brioche, cinnamon sugar, cream cheese glaze, plus festive decor. This crowd-pleasing confection serves 8-12. 

To order: Visit their online menu or call 501-868-7771.

Location: 315 N. Bowman Road, Suite 14, Little Rock

Other Mardi Gras-inspired eats around town:

Take a deep dive into the delicious flavors of the season with these Mardi Gras-inspired treats and dishes:

Zaza's Fat Tuesday Gelato & Muffaletta Pizza 

Get a slice and scoop of Louisiana-inspired fare in honor of Fat Tuesday. King Cake Gelato will be avaliable Feb. 16-28 and you can order Muffaletta Pizza between Feb. 15-28, while supplies last. This pie will feature spicy tomato sauce, mortadella, soppressata, Petit Jean ham, mozzarella, Italian olive relish, parmesan and arugula.

Heights Taco & Tamale Co. Frozen Hurricane Cocktails & Fried Oyster Po'Boy Tacos

Grab these off-menu items between Feb. 16-28.  

It's King Cake season & only 39 more days to enjoy this glorious treat! Ours is a hefty 2 lbs of brioche, cinnamon...

Posted by Blue Cake/ Honey Pies on Friday, January 8, 2021