Meet Kristen Saffa. She’s a mom of two, avid runner and chair of the 2020 Arkansas Children’s Race for a Healthier Tomorrow. We loved hearing more about the race and her family's after-school routine.

How did you get involved with the Race for a Healthier Tomorrow?

I have sat on the ACH Auxiliary Board for several years in other capacities. A few years ago, when the idea of the race came to fruition, they were in search of the next chair. I have been an avid runner for all of my adult life, so all the powers that be thought it was a perfect fit for my next step as a board member, and I could not agree more!

What do you love about working with the race?

I am a very technical person, so working an event that is more logistical in nature versus a big gala-type event is more my speed! Plus, if I show up to a meeting after a long run, no one is ever offended!

What after-school activities are your kids involved in?

We try to keep a good balance between the different types of events our children are involved in. Our 4-year-old is a bit too young to be too involved in many activities, but we keep him busy with weekly tennis lessons and spring/fall programs like soccer or baseball. Our 8-year-old has a lot more options and has chosen to focus her efforts on art, tennis and basketball.

What are your go-to weeknight meals?

We are huge meal planners at our house! I write a menu for the upcoming week to plan each night’s dinner. We have a menu board in the kitchen so everyone knows what to expect. I try to research new and different ideas each week so we don’t get stuck in a rut.

How do you involve your kids in volunteer work?

I have a large family with four sisters and parents who are amazing about making memories with our children. My mom makes a point to involve the kids in the Arkansas Food Bank Food for Senior Citizens program, delivering a box of food to a senior citizen once a month.

What are your kids’ favorite books right now?

“Dragons Love Tacos!” The author explains how dragons LOVE tacos, but not spicy tacos. Another favorite is “Secret Pizza Party” about a raccoon who is obsessed with pizza. My daughter and I are currently reading the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series, and I think they are hysterical!

Do you have a favorite date-night spot?

My husband and I enjoy making an adventure out of our date nights, so you usually won’t find us dining at a regular neighborhood restaurant. We love to jump in the car and drive to a great hole-in-the-wall spot that we’ve heard has amazing food! Recently, we drove down to Dumas, Arkansas to eat an amazing steak at Taylor’s Steakhouse. It was definitely worth the drive!

Ready to Run?

Sign up for the 2020 Arkansas Children’s Race for a Healthier Tomorrow. This family-friendly event has been rescheduled to take place this fall!