Accessible or inclusive playgrounds are made for all kids — and caretakers — to enjoy.

They are thoughtfully designed so kids with special needs can stay social and active, typical kids can engage in challenging and engaging play and caretakers of all abilities can keep up with their adventurous parkgoers. Expect fun for all with thoughtful features like:

• A smooth, spongy playing surface for those who have difficulty walking on uneven surfaces.

• Accessible swings so everyone can enjoy classic park thrills.

• Wide, wheelchair-friendly ramps with railings.

• Inclusive play elements like a play area featuring sign language.

• Sensory-rich panels that engage kids’ sense of hearing, touch, balance and more.

• Climbing elements for kids of all abilities.

We found six playgrounds in the metro that are designed for kids of all abilities.

Coming Summer 2021

  • Play and Splash
    Lake Valencia area, Maumelle

One Heart Playground features elements including rubber flooring, ramps and high back swings so it is accessible for all.