Celebrate the start of 2021 and National Mentoring Month by learning more about these local mentoring programs. But first … 

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring focuses on intentional, one-on-one relationships between a trusted adult and a kid, teen or young adult. The goal is to empower mentees to reach their potential as they grow. Depending on the program you choose, most mentoring programs require four to eight hours a month. You can spend time with your mentee in a school setting, at a specific site or out in the community doing things you both enjoy. The idea is simple: you become a positive role model and friend to your mentee. 

What are the Top Benefits of Mentoring? 

Mentors and mentees both benefit from the mentoring relationship. Studies show mentors experience more satisfaction at work and more patience in their other relationships. For the youth, school attendance goes up, while fighting and drug use trend down. 

Three Local Mentoring Programs

Ready to get involved? Here are three local mentoring programs: 


The Little Rock School District believes that mentors matter. After the application and orientation process, you will be offered training to help equip you for your mentoring journey. The commitment is just one hour a week.

Learn more: website | Get Started: Application

Our House

The goal of Our House’s mentoring program IMPACT is to “provide our youth with supportive impact partners who, through action-based, one-on-one mentoring, empower our youth to establish and achieve their goals, become positive role models, and begin engaging with their communities.” Great news: as of 2019, the program expanded to include girls as well boy mentees! 

Learn more: website | Get Started: Youth Program Manager at 501-374-7383 ext. 289 or desirae@ourhouseshelter.org

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas has been supporting mentorship in our state for over 50 years. Their team is dedicated to helping area youth reach their full potential. You can choose from two programs as a Big, and the commitment is eight hours per month. 

Learn more: website | Get Started: Contact